MYLED GROUP is a Local Assembly and Manufacturer for LED and Solid State Lighting (LED/SSL) for Green Technology. It divided into two different entities as MYLED MASTER Sdn Bhd and its subsidiary MYLED Opto Technology Sdn Bhd. MYLED MASTER is focusing on producing various types of LED Lighting, and MYLED Opto is producing LED for all sort of Lighting Application. MYLED GROUP is the first local and Bumiputra company that will have both solid state lightning (SSL) and light emitting diode (LED) manufacturing technology. Through our products, we provide our clients with effective cost saving and greener solutions in their daily operation. Our primary business focus is to assist Malaysian industries of various backgrounds in reducing their total energy consumption while maintaining the existing service level. We believe the future will be about … “ going green and protecting our environment …” “Given the global trend towards green technology, the use of LEDs and SSL is an obvious one. MYLED Group is aims to increase our capability to meet this growing demand. ” “To be recognised as a 100% local content in assembling SSL LED lighting company. By having a 100% local supplier, it will ensure a reliable product warranty and after sales service. ”



Encik Razali bin Mohamad

Group Managing Director